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The new FT 292 push-button overrides are normally used to protect the pressure gauge as they perform the dual function of cushioning the shock of
pressure, during opening, and to isolate it from the pressurized line. Reading is carried out by pressing the button, releasing the switch piston, pushed by the contrast spring, to intercept the fluid directed to the instrument, automatically releasing the residual pressure.
A particular constructive expedient allows to lock the button in the reading position, making it rotate in the direction indicated by the arrow, thus continuously displaying the circuit pressure.
A maximum pressure of 50 kg / cm2 is allowed at the drain. The assembly modularity is represented, in addition to the simple in-line connection in the pipe, by the possibility of panel insertion.
The rings and the plates for panel mounting are supplied only if specifically requested, indicate whether KM or hexagonal.
The careful study of components, operating conditions and materials have contributed to achieving a high quality standard; also confirmed by the results of significant tests to which they are regularly submitted.
Complete with FT 299 connector, they allow faster locking of the pressure gauge in the position most suitable for reading.
They can be used for operating pressures up to 400 bar


Temperate steel Push-button Gauge-holder needle valve connection Female / Female

Using range

Working Temperature -20 + 100° C (-4 +212° F)
PN 400 bar (5800 psi)



Female/Female, for hard and flexible pipe , Viton seal

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